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Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans Article: A Townhome Thoughtfully Transformed.

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Kitchens – 6 stylish kitchens that inspire

Published in New Orleans Homes & Lifestyle this is a rundown of 6 amazing kitchens and the details for each.

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The Old Grocery – 2017 Renovation of the Year



There are dozens, perhaps hundreds of old corner stores in New Orleans. Some are still in operation, but most are not. Defunct corner stores are a home renovators dream. Transforming a once-commercial space with an unusual floor plan into a viable residence, is a challenge, but can become the stuff of which dreams are made.

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6 Fabulous Kitchens and Baths


New Orleanians, it can be argued, spend a majority of their socializing in the kitchen, the heart of the home. But when the guests go home for the night, we like to unwind in stylish comfort, which is when the bath becomes not just a luxury but a necessity. For our annual kitchen and bath feature, we consulted designers and vendors and checked out numerous contenders. What follows are three kitchens and three bathrooms in varying styles. Each one is an exquisite, inspiring space. Read more →

New construction, Uptown convenience suit Pelicans GM and family

It took a couple of years of living in New Orleans before Anita Demps knew exactly what she wanted. But once she did, there was no stopping her.

“We moved here in 2010 from San Antonio and picked a lovely home in English Turn. But the more time we were here, the more everything I did was Uptown, and I really wanted to move,” she said. “The next hurdle was to convince Dell.”
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